Singapore Releases New Guidance of Medical Device Software

Singapore’s HSA has updated their requirements for software application submissions, requiring the specific version number and iteration of the software to be sold in Singapore.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software Registration in Singapore

In December 2019, the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) of Singapore’s Ministry of Health released guidelines regarding software registration in Singapore, including a major section dedicated to AI software.

VietNam: High Growth Fast Market Access

Vietnam has been quietly transforming their economy of 100 million people into a regional powerhouse. Through a combination of significant private investment, the US-China trade war, and their highly successful handling of the Coronavirus, Vietnam’s economy is expected to rebound quickly, especially with regards to manufacturing.

Vietnam Launches Medical Device Pricing Portal

On September 9th, the Vietnamese Ministry of Health (MoH) officially opened the Information Portal of Medical Equipment Pricing. Under the new system, the list price of medical equipment will be published (by configuration) on this Ministry of Health hosted website.

South Korea Releases Guidance for Software using Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning

The South Korean regulator, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MDFS), recently released multiple guidance documents related to software using AI, Big Data and Machine Learning.

Philippines Proposes New Fees for Medical Device Registration

The Philippines Department of Health published a draft schedule of fees to be charged for medical device registrations under the new Rules next year. As per Administrative Order 2018-0002, medical devices will be classified by increasing risk from A to D. 

Voluntary Medical Device Registration in Hong Kong

Medical device manufacturers that are serious about growing sales in Hong Kong/Southeast Asia should consider registration a mandatory step.

U.S. Medical Device Industry – Open for Business

Uncertainty.  If there is one word that best describes the global outlook during the 2020 pandemic this might be one that everyone can agree on. 


The novel characteristics of AI software and Software as Medical Devices (SaMDs) are stressing bureaucratic regulatory, customs and taxation systems around the world. Thailand is no exception.


The NMPA has been highly active in 2020 updating many of their regulations, standards and processes. If you’re considering entering the Chinese market, please contact us to identify how some of the new changes could affect your time and costs. Asia Actual Can Help Navigate the Evolving Regulatory Process in China