Asia Commercial Services.

Providing Medical Device Manufacturers a reliable, local platform and modular support tools to grow sales in challenging Asia markets.

Virtual Regional Sales Manager

  • Constant, local, experienced attention on your distributors
  • Short-term contracts during this time of restricted international travel
  • Starting at US$2,000/month

Market Assessment

  • SE Asia: $1,200 each
  • Korea, India: $2,000 each
  • China: $3,000
  • Japan: $4,000

Asia sales Management 2.0

Move from establishing incremental sales to managed sales grown in Asia

Sales Performance Reports

Quarterly sales performance reports with data based on distributor installation records and our hospital database.

Japan Regulatory expert

Bryan Gilburg USA


⋅ Regional Assessment
⋅ Market Access
⋅ Sales Channel Strategy
⋅ Distributor Management

Asia Actual Insights

Market Data, Insights, Expert Experiences relevant to medical devices sales personnel, shared weekly.

Master Importer Service

Reliable, transparent, efficient service from your factory to in-country warehousing

Wireless Technology

Licensing and Customs Clearance

Glend Llandtada

Glend Llantada Manila


⋅ Market Research
⋅ Technical Service
⋅ Hospital Procurement
⋅ Importing Logistics
⋅ Distributor Management

What to do about sales in Lao Cambodia and Myanmar?

Key Opinion Leader

  • Identification
  • Introduction
  • Development

Local Office Establishment & Licensing

Asia Actual Data

  • Registered medical devices by market
  • Specialty Device Distributors list
  • Every Hospital in Asia

Transfer Price Calculator

  • Optimize transfer price to achieve competitive market pricing
  • Identify all importing costs and fees