US Commercial Support Now Being Provided by Americas Actual

Gain access to the largest medical device market in the world with the established partnerships and alliances of the newly established, Americas Actual.

At Americas Actual, we enable your company to reach key decision makers and present a tailored message. Many companies make the mistake of  bombarding large group purchasing organizations (GPOs), integrated distribution networks (IDNs), and distributors with the same message. A good commercialization strategy capitalizes on the nuances of these different positions. IDNs and some GPOs are enhancing the role and power of their primary vendor, the distributor. Distributors are proactively standardizing product and reducing vendors. Having an ongoing relationship with the key distributors at all levels is crucial to a successful sales strategy. We help its clients grow and manage new and existing business through these key distributors and help market products for maximum pull-through.

The sheer size of the US market does not assure sales results. Demanding purchasers across diverse sales channels require that new market entrants understand the complex landscape, design a business strategy most appropriate to their positioning, and execute with local expertise.

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Mark Weisbrod

Mark Weisbrod

US Commercial Services, Americas Actual

"We enable your company to reach key decision makers and present a tailored message."