Medical Device Advertising Requirements in Asia

In addition to receiving market authorization for the safety and efficacy of their product, manufacturers wishing to advertise their medical devices, especially Direct to Consumer, may need to also obtain approval for their marketing material.

How New EU MDR Requirements Will Affect Registrations in Asia

As manufacturers finish transitioning to the new EU MDR requirements, it will be important to understand the implications of these changes on existing licenses around the world.

Thai FDA Implements Initial Screening Step to Submission Process

Beginning August 1st, 2022, the Thai FDA implemented a new screening submission process applicable to almost all applications.

What is CSDT Documentation?

Manufacturers looking to Southeast Asia to help grow their medical device sales should become familiar with the Common Submission Dossier Template, or “CSDT.”

TFDA Expands Reliance Route to Include All B/C/D Singapore Registrations

On June 1, 2022, the TFDA released an announcement outlining the expansion of the Singapore Reliance Route program. This allows manufacturers with Singapore approvals that used CSDT documentation to cut their review time down to 60 working days.

Thai FDA Announces New Application and Query Response Timelines

On April 4, 2022, the TFDA updated their application query response policy to expedite reviews of applications and clear out a backlog of open applications.

Thailand Fast Tracks Class D Medical Device Registration with Singapore Approval Status

The Thai FDA has formally adopted the Regulatory Reliance Program in which Class D (Class 4 in Thailand) medical devices and IVDs listed on the Singapore Medical Device Registry can be exempted from the Specialist Review requirement in Thailand.


The novel characteristics of AI software and Software as Medical Devices (SaMDs) are stressing bureaucratic regulatory, customs and taxation systems around the world. Thailand is no exception.

TFDA Updates Review Timelines for Medical Device Applications

A Notification Published by the Thai Ministry of Public Health on November 2, 2020 exempts medical device manufacturers from the previous requirements regarding advertising approval in Thailand.

TFDA Implements New Annual Reporting Requirements in Thailand

On June 1, 2022, the Thai FDA released Gazette 138, Section 118 requiring license holders submit annual reports by March 30th of every year.