China to Implement New Electrical Safety Standards for Medical Devices

An updated China-specific electromedical safety standard (BG 9706.1-2020) that was announced back in February of 2020 will come into full effect on May 1, 2023.

Submission Changes in China: ToCs and the eRPS

Manufacturers interested in registering a medical device in China can now submit electronic documents online through the new eRPS system.

Hong Kong’s MDD Formalizes Expedited Approval Scheme

Hong Kong’s Expedited Approval Scheme has been upgraded from a trial. Approvals from at least 2 GHTF countries plus China.

China to Accept Foreign Generated Test Reports

This adjustment will not only make the registration process cheaper and quicker for many manufacturers, it will also improve the efficiency of China’s labs to perform testing for domestic manufacturers and other devices that will still need in-country testing. While the regulatory burden for what the NMPA will consider as acceptable self-test reports is still high, this change provides manufacturers with more options.

China’s Green Pathway Registration for Innovative Medical Devices

China’s NMPA created a registration route specifically for innovative medical devices called the Innovative Green Pathway in 2014 and is based on the CFDA Order No. 13 2014. Since this registration route tends to cause some confusion, specific clarifying details are provided.


Chinese officials are taking steps to reduce fraudulent exports. Only products with NMPA registration can be exported to ensure standards and quality during COVID-19 crisis.

NMPA to Pilot Program Allowing Hong Kong Approved Products to Be Sold in Mainland China

Medical device manufacturers that are serious about growing sales in Hong Kong/Southeast Asia should consider registration a mandatory step.

Sales Target Spotlight: China’s Boao Hope City

The Chinese national government has established a special economic zone on Hainan Island with a focus on medical devices and wellness. Medical device manufacturers seeking sales growth in China should be aware of the Boao Hope City development particularly those with new and innovative devices.

China Regulatory and Commercial Updates

The NMPA has continued to stay busy this year, releasing numerous guidance documents and updates to their regulatory requirements. Here are some of the most important updates from the last few months.


The NMPA has been highly active in 2020 updating many of their regulations, standards and processes. If you’re considering entering the Chinese market, please contact us to identify how some of the new changes could affect your time and costs. Asia Actual Can Help Navigate the Evolving Regulatory Process in China