A list of recently published and updated articles regarding medical device regulatory updates from the MOH and other governing bodies in Indonesia.

What is CSDT Documentation?

Manufacturers looking to Southeast Asia to help grow their medical device sales should become familiar with the Common Submission Dossier Template, or “CSDT.”

Indonesia to Permit Some Class A Products to Register via Notification

On January 10, 2022, Indonesia’s Ministry of Health released Indonesia Class A Notification Announcement 01.05500242022 establishing a new registration route for some low risk medical devices effective immediately.

Indonesia to Require Post-Market In-Country Testing of Medical Devices

Indonesia’s Ministry of Health announced that as of September 2023 certain medical devices will require post-market in-country product testing. While the Ministry of Health explained that initially there is no compulsion to carry out the testing currently, there are rewards for doing so.

Medical Device Advertising Requirements in Asia

In addition to receiving market authorization for the safety and efficacy of their product, manufacturers wishing to advertise their medical devices, especially Direct to Consumer, may need to also obtain approval for their marketing material.

How New EU MDR Requirements Will Affect Registrations in Asia

As manufacturers finish transitioning to the new EU MDR requirements, it will be important to understand the implications of these changes on existing licenses around the world.

Indonesia e-Catalogue Implementation Review, December 2022

On April 7th, 2022, the Indonesian Ministry of Health announced a new open enrollment policy allowing manufacturers to list sales prices much easier. Under the new process, listings are accepted upon submission and published online as soon as the next day.

Indonesia Revamps eCatalogue Procurement System

On February 11th and 14th, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia implemented significant structural and procedural changes to the government procurement system known as e-Catalogue as it applies to medical devices (reference announcement KN.01.04/3/630/2022). Under the new rules, oversight of the e-Catalogue has been moved under the Ministry of Health and will not require negotiations.

Indonesia Issues New Guidance for Freezing Medical Devices on eCatalogue

On July 6, 2022, the Ministry of Health released updated guidance outlining the process for freezing medical device categories on the eCatalogue,

Good Distribution Practice Requirements in Indonesia

In 2014, the Indonesian Ministry of Health introduced the Good Method of Distribution of Medical Devices (or CDAKB) in order to enforce good distribution practice requirements in the country.

Asia Actual is the Best Medical Device Consulting Company in Asia

Manufacturers looking to Southeast Asia to help grow their medical device sales will need to become familiar with the Common Submission Dossier Template, or “CSDT.”