Bryan Gilburg - China

“I am equally grateful and awed by my colleagues at Asia Actual. It was a treat to gather with our leadership in Yogyakarta last month.”

Bryan Gilburg

Managing Director

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Asia Actual’s Summit in Indonesia

Published on: May 15th, 2024

From April 23rd to April 27th, 2024, Asia Actual Indonesia hosted Asia Actual USA, Singapore, China, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia for our Leadership Summit in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. As each of our Market’s regulatory bodies continues to expand reach and requirements, so shall we grow to accommodate the needs of Medical Device manufacturers seeking to break into these Asian Markets.

Our discussions were focused on the future of Asia Actual, how to continue growing sales through different channels like new services and new markets as well as how to capitalize on our strengths. Each office shared tips, processes, challenges, and new ideas. Together, we brainstormed how to work more synergistically and how to transmit our collaborative efforts to clients.

Asia Actual’s Summit Synopsis

Asia Actual’s Managing Director, Bryan Gilburg, presented on the state of the company and projected growth moving forward. We collaboratively brainstormed how to plan ahead for increased work load and sales generation. For example, Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) will continue to grow in the industry and requires more maintenance as software updates bring minor if not major changes to registrations. To address frequent changes, we proposed service plans for those clients that need more regular regulatory support.

Asia Actual’s Director of Operations, Todd Daigneault, went over our current tech stack and how to incorporate the tools at our disposal for increased productivity and ease of communication. What’s more, is our commitment to clients that upon registration in one of our markets, we make it easier to get into others. Todd led a discussion on how best to approach document submission and sharing between markets so that we can easily evaluate the regulatory needs of clients in a new market based off of approved documents that we already have in an existing market.

Summit Takeaways

We all left the Summit with a better understanding of the regulatory process in other markets and how to support our colleagues when registering a client in multiple markets. We feel more confident now than ever in our ability to streamline Market Access to current and potential clients such that document submission, timelines, and costs are minimized. We have strengthened our strategies for SaMDs, Innovative Medical Devices, and Multi-Market Registrants.

Our decision to have the Summit in Indonesia was strategic. The country itself is the fourth most populated in the world, with 282,154,000 inhabitants and a government that is investing in healthcare which has even put forth a highly efficient technological system for Medical Device Registration and Regulation. To learn more about Indonesia, visit the country’s page.

To finish off a very productive couple of days, we all went on a group excursion to the Prambanan Temple and then the Merapi Volcano.

Thank you to Asia Actual Indonesia for hosting and thank you to all of the offices in attendance. We can’t wait for next year!

Asia Actual Team at Internal Leadership Summit for Medical Device Regulations in Asia

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