The United States: The World’s Largest Healthcare Market

Gain access to largest medical device market in the world with Asia Actual’s established partnerships and alliances

The number one problem facing foreign companies is getting to the key decision maker and having an opportunity to tell their story. The challenge is that many companies bombard large group purchasing organizations (GPOs), integrated distribution networks (IDNs), and distributors with the same message. We enable your company to reach key decision makers and present a tailored message.

IDNs and some GPOs are enhancing the role and power of their primary vendor, the distributor. Distributors are proactively standardizing product and reducing vendors. Having an ongoing relationship with the key distributors at all levels is crucial to a successful sales strategy. We help its clients grow and manage new and existing business through these key distributors and helps market products for maximum pull-through.

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The sheer size of the US market does not assure sales results. Demanding purchasers across diverse sales channels require that new market entrants understand the complex landscape, design a business strategy most appropriate to their positioning, and execute with local expertise.

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Mark Weisbrod

Mark Weisbrod

US Commercial Services

“The number one problem facing foreign companies is getting to the key decision maker and having the opportunity to tell their story.”

Mark Weisbrod joined Asia Actual in 2019 as a thirty-year veteran of the healthcare industry where he acquired a vast array of insight, expertise, and contacts working for some of the biggest players in the medical device industry. Mark has a successful track record working with leading US medical device distributors, manufacturers, and Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO). His experience includes executive level responsibilities, international business directorship and strategy, marketing and sales, operations management, and corporate accounting and finance.

Mark began his career at Owens & Minor, one of the U.S. healthcare industry’s largest distributor of hospital products with a diversified service portfolio of supply chain technologies, analytics, and clinical supply chain management tools with global annual sales exceeding US$10 billion annually.

Mark held a variety of positions rising through the company as Divisional Operations Director and then Division Vice President. He was then tapped to establish and lead O&M’s Asia-Pacific operations in Taiwan which grew to 130 customers within 3 years and annual revenues of US$18 million.

After Owens & Minor, Mark served as Vice President at Teleflex Medical where he was responsible for managing and developing a network of national distributors and dealers in the US for the Pilling Surgical products, a portfolio generating $140 million in domestic distribution sales.

Mark then moved to the Atlanta-based GPO, Broadlane, which at the time, was one of the largest GPOs in the US with 1,100 acute care hospitals and 50,000 non-acute care providers prior to acquisition. There, Mark served as Vice President managing business development in acute care hospitals throughout the eastern United States where he developed and implemented their major product offerings, such as national contracting, pharmacy,  procurement services, clinical labor, physician services, capital equipment and IT services.

For the last 10 years, Mark has been leveraging his extensive knowledge, experience and contacts in US medical device sales to assist foreign medical device manufacturers reach their full potential in all of the US healthcare markets.


Building your business plan will not only require efficient marketing assessment strategy development, but relationships with the key distributors at all levels may be crucial to a successful sales strategy.

Your medical device may require different strategies for the U.S. market.  A myriad of decisions must be made to maximize penetration of your product.  We help navigate through these decisions based on your own corporate goals.

We will manage your FDA process using field experts specializing in U.S. medical devices to include all steps needed to bring product to market.  Based on issues specific to our prospective clients, we will select the most effective consultant to drive entry into the U.S. market in a timely and cost effective process.

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Our team is equipped with the tools needed to help you strategically enter the US medical device market.

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