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Thai FDA Regulatory Documentation Exemptions

March 12, 2024: the Thai FDA released draft guidance updating the list of required documentation for Full and Concise Evaluation. For manufacturers registering a medical device in Thailand, certain documents are no longer required.

Thai FDA Reduces Application Review Time

On February 21st, 2024 the TFDA provided data to show a reduction in application review times and increased accessibility with their digital service system.

Thai FDA QMS Updates to Affect GDP, GMP, and GCP

Last month, the Thai FDA announced new quality systems requirements that apply to the manufacture and distribution of medical devices, and for conducting clinical trials in Thailand.

Thailand FDA to Decrease Registration Application Processing Times

The Thai FDA hosted a seminar for public discussion and training of the full CDST application, which was attended by Asia Actual Thailand personnel. At the event, the Thai FDA announced its intention to decrease the application pre-screening time from 30 days to 1 working day.


The NMPA has been highly active in 2020 updating many of their regulations, standards and processes. If you’re considering entering the Chinese market, please contact us to identify how some of the new changes could affect your time and costs. Asia Actual Can Help Navigate the Evolving Regulatory Process in China