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Philippines FDA Publishes Revised Draft of New IVD Regulations

The Philippines FDA hosted a public consultation to introduce a revised draft version of new IVD Regulations along with a definitive timeline for implementation.


As part of the NMPA’s ongoing regulatory evolution, the Chinese competent authority, formerly known as the CFDA, has released a draft list of new product types to be considered exempt from clinical trials as part of the registration process moving forward.

India Seeks Input on IVD Equipment Classification

All IVD related equipment, instruments and software is now being transitioned to require registration in India under the Medical Device Rules, 2017, joining IVD reagents and kits which have been regulated since January 1, 2018, if not before.

India Seeks Input on Medical Device Classification

All formerly unregulated medical devices are now being transitioned to require registration in India under the Medical Device Rules, 2017.  These products should be Registered prior to October 1, 2021 and then obtain an Import License before October 1, 2022, or October 1, 2023 depending on the product’s risk classification.

South Korea Releases Guidance for Software using Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning

The South Korean regulator, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MDFS), recently released multiple guidance documents related to software using AI, Big Data and Machine Learning.