“The new fees going into effect in July 2022 will only increase fees by about 3% across the board.”

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Principal Consultant
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The Health Science Authority to Raise Review Fees in Singapore in July 2022

Published on: January 20th, 2022

Singapore’s Health Science Authority (HSA) has announced that they will increase their review fees in Singapore for all registration routes in July 2022. The increased government fees are equivalent to about a 3% increase across the board. For a complete list, please visit the HSA’s official revised schedule of fees. Singapore remains a beacon of regulatory efficiency and market entrance for international medical device manufacturers selling in Asia. With a high standard of living and several leading hospitals in the region, Singapore is an important market for all manufacturer serious about establishing their brand in Asia.

Current fees can be found here and more information on the regulatory process can be found here.

New HSA Government Review Fees in Singapore

The HSA has announced that they will be increasing fees across the board in July 2022. While most fees have increased by about 3%, some of the updated fees can be found below.

Fees Class B Class B (New) Class C Class C (New) Class D Class D (New) Class D with a registrable drug Class D with a registrable drug (New)
Application fee $515 $530 $515 $530 $515 $530 $515 $530
Immediate route fee $925 $950 $3,090 $3,180 N.A. N.A. N.A. N.A.
Expedited route fee N.A. N.A. $3,090 $3,180 $5,560 $5,730 N.A. N.A.
Abridged route fee $1,850 $1,910 $3,605 $3,710 $5,870 $6,050 $10,200 $10,300
Full route fee $3,605 $3,710 $5,870 $6,050 $11,600 $11,800 $75,200 $75,400

All fees are in Singapore dollars. S$1,000 = US$705 as of January 2022

New Change Notification Review Fees in Singapore

The Health Science Authority has also updated the change notification review fees in Singapore by about 3%.

The updated change notification fees are as follows:

Notification Changes  Class B (Old) Class B (New) Class C (Old) Class C (New) Class D (Old) Class D (New)
Administrative $515 $530 $515 $530 $515 $530
Review $515 $530 N.A. N.A. N.A. N.A.
Technical N.A. N.A. $1,750 $1,800 $2,880 $2,970

All fees are in Singapore dollars. S$100 = US$70.5 as of January 2022

New Retention Fees in Singapore

Singapore’s Health Science Authority requires license holder pay an annual retention fees to maintain the SMDR listing and has also slightly increased these fees.

Classification 2021 Fees New Fees

(beginning July 1, 2022)

Class B $36 $37
Class C $62 $64
Class D $124 $128
Class D with registrable drug $124 $128

All fees are in Singapore dollars. S$100 = US$70.5 as of January 2022

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