Indonesia Medical Device e-Catalogue Enrollment: 2018 Debrief

Access to the public hospital on-line procurement system, e-Catalogue, is an important part of a successful sales strategy in Indonesia for most medical and diagnostic devices. At the same time, navigation of the enrollment process is a challenge for many manufacturers and distributors. To be positioned for successful e-Catalogue listings, it is important to understand the submission process and to anticipate expected changes for 2019.

The e-Catalogue system in Indonesia is managed by the LKPP (The Government Agency for Procurement of Goods & Services).

Application Deadlines

On March 26th the LKPP released the enrollment schedule for 2018 with the deadline for application submission set at April 20th. Applicants had just 20 working days to prepare. Successful applicants were notified on April 30th.  Price negotiation meetings were to be completed by May 4th, but due to high application volumes the deadline has been extended through December 2018. This was a much-accelerated schedule compared to previous years.

Eligible Products List

At the same time three, separate lists were published identifying 613 categories of eligible devices. Enrollment eligibility has varied over the years from first-in-first-out open enrollment from 2014 to 2016; to periodic by-invitation-only from 2016 to 2017; to the current mass enrollment one-time per year established in 2018.

Required Documents

The list of documents required for the e-Catalogue application for medical devices has changed several times making advanced preparation difficult. (The latest version is the LKPP 5th schedule published on June 7, 2018.) Verification of application documentation is very strict, and many applications have been rejected for non-compliance. Particularly challenging is getting authentication of the Distributor Appointment Letter (Surat Tanda Pendaftaran, or STP) by the Ministry of Trade at the Indonesia Consulate in country of origin due to processing time requirements.


Price negotiations seem to be restricted to between 20% and 40% of the Landed Cost of a device (inclusive of CIF charges). The range depends on effective justification of the support effort and costs. Sufficient time should be budgeted for e-Catalogue pricing strategy consideration and negotiations preparation.

2019 Enrollment

In 2019 significant changes are expected for e-Catalogue enrollment for medical and diagnostic devices with management being shifted from the LKPP to the Ministry of Health. The next intake is expected in July 2019 with what may be open enrollment for all product categories. Distributor markup is anticipated to be fixed at 1.4 times Landed Cost.

Manufacturers should begin now to register devices of interest for e-Catalogue listing choosing their local Indonesia Agent carefully. It is important to prepare applications early according to current requirements and stay vigilant any additional changes.

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